Thursday, January 6, 2011

77 member is units to all establish work organization and contracted for job "12345" call sign centers and Du to check center to hand over to do of claim item

Nanking"12345" governments serve call sign center to establish two class platforms:City class"12345" governments serve the call sign center as one class platform and establish artificial to connect to listen to pew;Each section of city hall, each area county government and its section, each public service profession reserves respectively service hot line, Be divide center namely second class platform, establish full-time or part-time"12345" governments connecting to listen to a member, accepting city class serve call sign center to hand over to do of item, can also directly accept citizen(business enterprise) claim etc. item.
"One class platform carries out communication with second class platform to unite mutual communication, multi-line with each other allied move, combine track circulate, ensure call person is need is accepted in momentary.""12345" representative directors in the call sign center in Nanking City say that Nanking 53 Weis in the 13 area counties, city hall does bureau(keep belonging to unit) and 11 Qi businesseses the unit etc.77 member is units to all establish work organization and contracted for job "12345" call sign centers and Du to check center to hand over to do of claim item.

Minority of units exist a telephone difficult dozen

Ji Wei in Nanking City pair secretary, inspect bureau chief Ju Hou new introduction, claim outlet, convenient crowd to handle affairs for unimpeded public sentiment, each section of Nanking City class and public Qi business the unit successively established the public service telephone that more than 80s face to crowd.Along with these public service telephone more and more, it is can hardly for crowd to remember.Scatter too much because of the public service resources in addition, some sections outward the telephone serve not enough norm, minority of units exist a telephone difficult dozen, the affair Be difficult to do an etc. circumstance, influenced party and government in the image in the crowd is heart in the certain degree.
Hou become new introduction, the Nanking City Wei and city hall starts hatching to establish city "12345" governments to serve call sign center from April, 2009 and carries on integration to whole city various service hot line, formation unified outward call number"12345", without a break break through artificial to connect to listen to hot-line for 24 hours, unify to accept citizen(business enterprise) a claim etc. item.

Citizen and business enterprise all carry on consult

According to totally setting up agreement, the Ministry of Education will particularly constuct the arrangement of item according to"211 engineerings"s etc. and give school correspond of particularly item budget devotion, constuct in the academics at the same time, talented person is development, science research etc. give the school policy support of the necessity.The commerce department develops at the talented person, academic research, research achievement conversion with outward communicate to cooperate etc. is enlargement to the strength for support for policy for school, support "opened economic advantage academics in China innovation platform" in the school construction.
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
The people net Nanking gives or gets an electric shock(the reporter states Lin) "12345, a number seeks government" on December 29.On December 28, Nanking City formally breaks through "12345" governments to serve call sign center, citizen and business enterprise all carry on consult, asking for help(do not reporting to the police a type), suggest, complain, report toward the government section to etc. claim item to can pass to stir to make telephone solution call.

Ample amount and well-found talented person

Chen De Ming introduced the current business work situation, he said, international economic trade is competing is in fact also the talented person is competition, China outward open of continuously development need more tall character talented persons who have internationalization management ability, have to insist the roads of "talented person strong company" and accomplish a to pay virtuous just and have, ample amount and well-found talented person, rich vigorous Gao the character business talented person is troops.
Chen De Ming points out that many in the last yearses outward the economy trade the university cultivated a great deal of talented person for the development of Chinese business business and hoped to continue to strengthen the macroscopic thinking to the business situation and prospect research from now on and became Gao Shen whom source and government of business theory innovation make policy and became the think tank that works out business theory and fulfillment problem, and send out in the international academic circles more persuasive China voice.The commerce department will continue to match with with Ministry of Education closely and support outward economic trade university continuously exaltation do to learn level.

Build up consulting of sound and different level system

The Yuan expensive Ren asks that outward the economy trades university to want to take totally setting up as a chance and arouses a business science development in school.On being to surround a profession need, continuously promote the ability and level of serving the national business business, insist that teaching is artificial origin, push a talented person development mode reform, promote research level, well develop business realm brain trust and thought database function.Two is abundant totally set up a content, actively quest and perfect mechanism for totally setting up a cooperation, the research hospital of effort and business system, the Qi business unit establishment rise multilayers, the cooperation of the breadth realm exchanges mechanism, actively investigate establishment, perfect board of directors system, build up consulting of sound and different level system.Three is outstanding reform innovation, push to go to school each business well and quick of development, continuously promote whole education quality and do to learn level, speed a construction special feature fresh clear, domestic top-grade, international well-known high step of level university.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The police searched rare Er Ze in village in the south of Holland to depend on boon two room and Rotterdams in hotel one appliance words store and 4 houses

The police searched rare Er Ze in village in the south of Holland to depend on boon two room and Rotterdams in hotel one appliance words store and 4 houses, don,t discover weapon or explosive.
The virtuous new agency cites that the words that anti-terrorism in Holland nation moderates section a spokesman reported, the government didn,t change terrible warnning Class.
Anti-terrorism section a spokeswoman says that Holland participates in NATO is military operation in Afghanistan, this is the religious extremism to treat Holland as one of the reason that assaults a target.
Holland intelligence report organization 2009 every years report to the police to tell, Holland faces to come from Somalia and Yemen of terrible raid threat.
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
New China net Peking gives or gets an electric shock Uruguay fire fight section on December 27 officials say, the capital city receives Wei of second take place on the 25th two disaster of lighting a fires, make more than 100 persons evacuate.

In these suspects

But India scientist said, although the failure makes people sad,India should not lose confidence.(Source:Round-the-world net)
(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
New China net Peking gave or got an electric shock Holland prosecutor to release to declare on the 25th on December 27, the police arrested 12 Somalias, and they are suspected of scheming to launch terrible raid in Holland.
Declare, Holland intelligence report and safe bureau acquired accurate evidence and knew that some Somalias intend to make a terrible raid in Holland in the near future.The police arrests in Rotterdam on the night of the 24th 12 ages from 19-48 years old don,t wait of Somalia man.The suspect still accepts to interrogate on the 25th.
The Reuter is reports, in these suspects, 6 people live in Rotterdam, 5 people don,t have Holland right of permanent residence, and another one person comes from Denmark.